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We offer a variety of services to fit the needs of each individual property and homeowner, here are just a few things we check:


  • Visually inspect all areas of the home/condo for any kind of water damage and leaks

  • Visually inspect the air conditioning system

  • Change the AC filter once every 3 months – (Owner charged for filter)

  • Look for any damages to doors, windows etc.

  • Replace any light bulbs or batteries that need to be replaced

  • Turn water on when we arrive and off when we leave

  • Flush all toilets, run water through all faucets, run water through all showers and bathtubs, run the rinse cycle on the dishwasher and washer (once a month)

  • Remove any rodents/pests

  • Check refrigerator for proper operation and make sure there is no mildew/mold

  • Electrical panel will be inspected for any trip breakers

  • Check mail if client needs this service

  • Remove all unwanted newspapers/flyers

  • Arrange for service professionals to have access to home/condo for services

  • After contacting owner if there is an issue we will set up any service appointments and keep owner informed as to what work is being done

  • Close storm shutters for a major storm (for a fee) NOTE: we do NOT put shutters up on homes

Home/Condo Services Offered:


  • CONDO - Once a week - $80 a month $90 over 2500 sq ft

  • HOME – Once a week - $90 a month $100 over 2500 sq ft

  • CONDO/HOME - Twice a month - $50 a month add $10 for over 2500 sq ft

  • CONOD/HOME - Once a month $30 a month add $10 for over 2500 sq ft

Airport Transportation Prices:

  • Marco to or from Ft. Myers (RSW) $80

  • Naples to or from Ft. Myers (RSW) $70

  • Marco to or from Punta Gorda $95

  • Naples to or from Punta Gorda $85

  • To or from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami $200

  • To or from Orlando $375

  • Call or text 239-231-9552 for other rates

Custom packages available depending on your needs!
Give us a call today
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